Queen’s JCR support motion

Things are beginning to happen.  Queen’s is the first JCR we know of to support the motion, having agreed to adopt a gender-neutral attitude to most things the JCR controls.  Including things we didn’t think of — Frances will be looking through most of the JCR publications, including the Constitution and Freshers’ Handbook, for gendered language.

An important thing to note: the motion did not originally mandate anyone to ensure that the suggestions in it were being followed.  That has now been changed in the template; we suggest that the LGBT Officer or equivalent, or Equalities if nothing else, be in charge of that.

Additionally, Queen’s was a little unsure about passing a motion of support for the campaign as a whole without further information (that motion has been deferred until later).  You might want to link people to this website in the motion as it is sent to the JCR lists so that they can look up more information about it before they come to the meeting.  A common misunderstanding was that we wanted to make all toilets gender-neutral, rather than just ensuring that there was a gender-neutral alternative.  To help with this, we’ve added a new section to the website, under Aims, which explains in detail all the things we want to achieve.

If any other college has also passed the motion (or not, though hopefully that won’t happen) let us know!

UPDATE: Trinity passed the motion the same evening.  Only 36 more to go.


4 Comments on “Queen’s JCR support motion”

  1. Oriel JCR passed a motion of support for the campaign at the meeting this Sunday, and the LGBT rep is planning to obtain and publicise information about trans* issues, because one thing made clear during the meeting was that lack of understanding is probably the main problem.

  2. Katie Colliver says:

    Univ and Brasenose have also got it through.

  3. Jess says:

    Passed in Magdalen, with this wording, no amendments

    This JCR notes that:

    * A campaign has recently been started in the University which aims to make Oxford better for trans students
    * The campaign is asking for support and endorsement from JCRs to help it achieve its aims
    * The campaign has published some simple good-practice guidelines regarding trans issues
    * Several other JCRs have given their support by passing motions similar to this one

    This JCR believes that:

    * Magdalen has a good record as a supportive environment for LGBTQ students
    * The campaign’s success would be beneficial to current and future trans students at Magdalen and across the University
    * Adhering to the guidelines put forward in this motion should not hinder the JCR in its aims or workings, but will promote an atmosphere of inclusiveness?

    This JCR proposes to:

    * ensure that the JCR use gender-neutral language unless referring specifically to people of a specific gender;
    * ensure that when the JCR specifies a dress code, it does not specify dress by gender (e.g. “Men: DJs, Women: cocktail dresses” is unacceptable, but “Black Tie” is acceptable provided the wearer is free to choose which type they wear);
    * ensure that when the JCR holds gender-specific events, anyone who identifies as that gender is welcome;
    * mandate the LGBT Officer to ensure that the above resolutions are followed;
    * further support the campaign that is attempting to change university policy higher up to make the university as trans-friendly as possible.

  4. Duncan Wane says:

    St. John’s just passed the motion this evening.

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