State of the Campaign

Hi! This is Gail, here to talk about what we’ve achieved so far in the campaign. We’ve had some great responses from JCRs who have passed the motion, as well as some interesting questions and issues along the way.

Now that we have an established sample motion, and it has been accepted by some colleges, we have to look towards getting the remaining colleges to pass a motion of support. This will provide us with a backbone of consensus which we will use to give us leverage when lobbying the university as a whole.

This is where you come in! Are you from a college that has not let passed a motion of support, but wish to support the Genderless Campaign? Anybody can support the campaign, and we would be more than willing to provide anybody performing this vital action with any information or help that they need.

The following colleges have already passed versions of the campaign’s motion:

1. Queen’s
2. Oriel
3. St. John’s
4. Trinity
5. Brasenose
6. Magdalen
7. St. Hugh’s
8. University
9. St. Catherine’s
10. Corpus Christi

We are also looking towards working closely with OUSU and really pushing forward the university-wide agenda this year. Watch this space.



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