Trans 101 Lecture Series

The campaign chair has allowed me to give a brief plug before the Gender Inclusion Campaign starts again in earnest for Hilary Term. As part of my role as one of the Transgender and Transsexual reps at the OU LGBTQ Society, I am pleased to announce a 6-part lecture series running this term through weeks two to seven. This is likely to interest those who are following this campaign, and all are welcome to attend.

Throughout Hilary Term, your Transgender and Transsexual reps will be giving a number of brilliant lectures on issues important to the trans community and the larger LGBTQ community. These are designed to give a thorough understanding of trans issues to those who may not have been exposed to this type of information before.

Highly recommended to anybody involved or interested in LGBTQ welfare, who want to improve their knowledge when it comes to trans issues! Of course, all are welcome whether old hands or those simply curious to learn more.

These lectures will be at 1900 each Thursday from 2nd week (26th January) to 7th week (1st March). Venue is the Daubeny lecture theatre at Magdalen College.

Each talk will be roughly 30-40 minutes long, with an open Q&A afterwards.


Week 2 (26th Jan) – Introduction to Transgender and Transsexualism [Gail Bartlett]
Week 3 (2nd Feb) – Introduction to Genderqueer [Lyman Gamberton]
Week 4 (9th Feb) – Representations of Trans People in Media [Guest Speaker Valentino Vecchietti]
Week 5 (16th Feb) – Medical Aspects of Transition [Gail Bartlett]
Week 6 (23rd Feb) – Trans and Disability [Lyman Gamberton]
Week 7 (1st Mar) – Transphobia and Transmisogyny [Gail Bartlett]

The event has also been posted on facebook, and is being posted here for the benefit of those who do not use social networking sites. I hope to see many people there!