Most people never have need to question the gender they were assigned at birth.  Because they are in a vast majority, this means that much of the world is set up to accommodate them: toilets are divided into male and female, dress codes decide what you can wear, and even our language is intensely gendered.

But for some people, their gender is a far more complicated matter.  Some feel that they should have been assigned a different gender at birth — should have been labelled “boy” rather than “girl”, for instance.  Some do not feel that either male or female is a label that fits them comfortably — they are both, or neither, or something completely different.

For these people, living in a gendered world can be difficult, upsetting, at times impossible.  They cannot go to a public toilet without fear of comment, or they feel a twinge of regret whenever someone addresses them as “miss”, or they cannot go to the ball because Cinderella must wear a dress — could never be seen in tails and a top hat…

Society is slow to change, but we believe it is changeable, in small steps.  This is our first step.  As students of the University of Oxford, we want to make our immediate environment more comfortable for trans* people.  We plan to work with JCRs, with societies and with the University administration system to make every aspect of student life here as gender-neutral as possible.

We hope you can help.  If you want to, please follow this blog, join our Facebook page, and sign up to our mailing list by e-mailing your request to frances.watson@queens.ox.ac.uk.


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  1. […] at the launch event for the Oxford University Genderless Campaign, along with CN Lester and Sally […]

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