Toilets & Changing Rooms

This is obviously a fairly major sticking point.  In these places people can potentially feel quite vulnerable, for whatever reason, and that feeling is going to be multiplied if they don’t know which gendered room they should use.  The men’s, where their skirt will make them stand out?  Or the women’s, where their stubble will surely cause comment?  And with changing rooms this problem is multiplied greatly, because they often do not have separate cubicles.

Therefore what we’d like to see is a gender-neutral option in every university building.  This does not mean that we would like to see all toilets and changing rooms made gender-neutral.  Clearly that would cause issues.  However, we would like to ensure that there is a safe space for trans* people, as well as one for men and women.  To this end we’re asking the university to stipulate that any new building work must include provision for gender-neutral facilities.


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