Draft Motions

This JCR notes that:

– this JCR has passed a motion in support of the Genderless Campaign and its aims to make the university trans-friendly;
– this JCR currently organises events which are open only to members of a certain gender.

This JCR believes that:

– most activities are not inherently restricted to members of one particular gender, and most events are enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their gender;
– there are people who are neither male nor female, who are therefore excluded from most gendered events;
– there are people who may feel uncomfortable attending gendered events for fear that they will not immediately be accepted, for example some trans people;
– gendered events contribute to the social division of genders, which in turn contributes to the development of damaging gender stereotypes and cultural expectations.
– however, gendered events are very occasionally necessary, in order to ensure certain safe spaces, as long as it is explicitly clear who can attend and why others are barred.

This JCR resolves to:

– never hold gendered events, unless they are absolutely necessary for specific welfare events, with good reason;
– when holding such gendered events, make it explicitly clear who may and may not attend;
– mandate the president to make the final decision on whether any potentially gendered event is necessary and should go ahead.

Common Room Welfare Titles
This common room believes

  • That the welfare job titles are currently ‘Male Welfare’ and ‘Female Welfare’ where only a man or only a woman may run for the respective positions.
  • Some people do not identify as a man or as a woman.

This common room further believes

  • Gendered positions are valuable because they can facilitate the creation of safe spaces, which can make people more comfortable accessing support
  • Everyone deserves welfare support, but some students may feel unable to approach gendered welfare officers

This common room resolves to

  • Emphasise the welfare rather than the gender of the person holding a welfare position
  • Make it clear than any member of the common room is able to approach any member of the welfare team, regardless of gender
  • Change the welfare job titles to ‘Welfare (Male)’ and ‘Welfare (Female)’ to reflect the inclusive nature of the position.

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