JCR Motion

This is the template for the JCR motion we are trying to put to all colleges in Oxford.  Please take it, adjust it if needs be to the vagaries of your college, and use it!  Not only will it make an immediate difference, the more JCRs who put in this into effect, the more likely the university as a whole is to change.  We hope.

This JCR notes:

-that the JCR should try to accommodate any member of the JCR, especially in this case, regardless of their gender identity;

-that often trans identified people are inadvertently not accommodated by the JCR.

This JCR believes:

– that the JCR should explicitly ensure that trans identified people are accommodated by the JCR;

This JCR resolves:

-to ensure that the JCR use gender-neutral language rather than gender-binary language in all communications;

-to ensure that when the JCR specifies a dress code, it does not specify dress by gender;

-to ensure that when the JCR holds gender-specific events, anyone who identifies as that gender is welcome;

-to mandate the LGBT Officer to ensure that the above resolutions are followed;

-to further support the campaign that is attempting to change university policy higher up to make the university as trans-friendly as possible.


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